Choices in Childbirth


Postpartum Options

You’ve done it! You have created, grown, and birthed your baby, and now it is time for you to prepare for your life together.

Your baby’s first breath represents the beginning of both an intense bonding process, and individuation. In the first moments after birth, you will begin to build one of the most important relationships in your life. The postpartum period is the time when you build relationship with your baby and begin your new life as a mother.

As you are preparing for and anticipating the postpartum period, you may consider hiring a postpartum doula to help support you during this time. You can also find postpartum counselors, breastfeeding support, and parenting support professionals in the Provider Network.

The Golden Hour

The first hour after birth is an important time for you and your baby to connect. The first hour of life is one of the most important times for mammalian bonding. The moments after birth are the best time for your both to recover from the challenges of labor, to bond, and to establish breastfeeding. [read more]


Breastfeeding is a wonderful treat for baby and mom alike. While human breast milk is no doubt the healthiest food for your baby, the act of breastfeeding provides mom with a much needed moment to sit, rest, and fully connect. Breastfeeding also releases a cocktail of hormones that deepen the bonding process between mother and child. [read more]

Postpartum Mood Disorders & Counseling

As your body transitions from a pregnant to postpartum state, your hormones will go through a tremendous shift. That, combined with the often daunting task of motherhood, can lead to new moms to experience feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, baby blues, and even postpartum depression. [read more]


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