Choices in Childbirth


Listen to Your Body

Your body is about to embark on an epic journey! Pregnancy and childbirth will challenge you in all kinds of new and exciting ways. Despite the fast pace of life, this is good time for you to connect and really listen to your body’s messages. During this time your needs will be changing almost continually. A strong connection to your body will ensure that you are able to recognize and meet those needs, optimizing your health during pregnancy. Building a strong relationship to your body now will also be invaluable during labor and birth. 

Some of the things you will want to think about are your diet, amount of rest and exercise and the level of stress in your life.You should also consider any special needs that may impact your care options (e.g. carrying multiples, diabetes, obesity etc). Nurturing yourself and your body is the very first step in caring for your baby. Reach out for support when necessary and enjoy putting yourself and your body’s needs first.

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