Choices in Childbirth



Guide to a Healthy Birth: Widely recognized as an essential resource for expectant mothers and families, the Guide to a Healthy Birth provides parents with a broad range of data, information, and resources on pregnancy and birth, including articles, hospital cesarean-section rates, maternity-care patients’ rights, and listings of local healthcare providers that offer a women-centered approach to care. A national guide and a guide specific to the New York City Metro area have been distributed to hundreds of public clinics, hospitals, and health departments.

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Healthy Birth Choices Workshops: Intended to complement traditional childbirth education courses that focus on increasing women’s knowledge related to birth, CiC’s Healthy Birth Choices Workshops enhance women’s and families’ ability to successfully navigate the health care system. Through an experience-focused approach which feature guest speakers and new parents, women and families are better able to identify issues, holistically synthesize information from various sources, and develop a contextual perspective in order to choose the kind of birth that is best aligned with their individual, family, and cultural values. Through our workshops, a diverse group of hundreds of women and families annually receive face-to-face guidance about their maternity care options and are better poised to work in partnership with their healthcare providers to navigate the maternity care system and achieve better maternal and neonatal outcomes.

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Business of Being Born: Classroom Edition (BoBB:CE) The Business of Being Born: Classroom Edition engages college and high school students through a compelling 30-minute documentary and study guide about the challenges of the American maternity care system. The program looks to build the next generation of policy makers, educators, service providers, and parents who are more empowered to make maternity care choices that result in better maternal and neonatal health outcomes.

CiC partnered with the documentary team from Rikki Lake’s reputed The Business of Being Born feature-length documentary to create a 20-minute version of the film, with a study guide for the purpose of college, high school, and professional classroom screening and discussion. The project reaches out to key educators and decision makers at the campus level to incorporate the documentary and study guide into their curriculum and distribute widely through student groups and other networks. The project is part of a larger effort to reach young women before they confront birth decisions—raising awareness about the weakness of the current maternity care system and the benefits of physiological childbirth. 

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